Ty Causey’s “Tyangles” New Review on the Smooth Jazz Ride

Posted On:04.12.2017
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Ty Causey – Tyangles

Apr. 7, 2017

Veteran singer/songwriter/producer/composer Ty Causey first appeared on the music scene in the late ’90s as a vocalist for the iconic smooth jazz saxophonist Najee. Since then, the singer has produced smooth, slick-steppin’ album after smooth, slick-steppin’ album – all loaded with well-arranged and well-written R&B/jazz grooves. A unique master of that sexy, romantic vibe in whatever tempo he chooses (often mid- to up-tempo but also offering that slow “let’s get busy” groove and an occasional funk layer tossed in for good measure). His latest endeavor, Tyangles, is unsurprisingly as polished a work as he’s ever done.

Strutting along with a cool gait of romance, funk, and charm, this album grabs hold of whatever makes the hearts tick in both the romantic and the dancer. With Causey music, you can either just light a candle, pull your lover in close and go on that sweet, easy journey through the heart, or you can just look into his/her eyes while getting a smooth, gentle dance thang going. It’s that kind of do-what-you-wanna-do party. Always has been with Causey, as far as far back as I can go with his music.

Some vocalists just have a knack for navigating to that receptive place in your heart and soul. Causey is easily one of those artists.

Tracks of note here for me are the lead track, “Rock With Me” – an up-tempo head-bopper that starts the album off with a nice swagger. That’s followed by a sexy mid-tempo offering, “Won’t You Be My Lady,” that has an easy, saucy feel to it, “Be A Man about It,” a slow, meaningful track with a solid and strong message that I’m sure will be met with a lot of nods of agreement from the ladies, the snappy “Ya Some Kind of Wonderful,” and – well, just about all of the other tracks.

This is a can’t-miss collection of infectious, soulful, finger-snappin’ treats. A must-have for Causey fans and fans of R&B/jazz projects in general. – Ronald Jackson