Another great review – Arno Haas – Back to You – Album

Posted On:06.29.2016
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Black-Forest-born Arno Haas released his debut album Magic Hands in 2013 receiving high accolades by critics. His sophomore album Back To You is scheduled for release on October 22, 2015 on mochermusic.

Produced by Tom Saviano the following musicians help to create this new project Arno Haas (sax), Al Jarreau, Evelyn Kallansee, Bill Champlin (vocals), Michael O‘Neill, Ralf Gugel, Benni Freibott (guitars), Randy Waldman, Rainer Scheithauer (pianos), Joel Taylor, Stephan Schuchardt (drums), Alvin Mills (bass), Arno Lucas (percussion), Chuck Findley, Jamie Hovorka (trumpets), Reggie Young ( trombone), Tom Saviano (Fender Rhodes), Ina Veli, Kathleen Sloan, Jenny Takamatsu, Anna Kostyuchek (violins), Vanessa Fairburn Smith, Alisha Bauer (celli).

The album starts full throttle with the title song Back To You. Perfectly arranged by Tom Saviano supports the brass group saxophonist Arno Haas. A treat for fans of cultivated jazz music with the emphasis on horns. Creepin’ Shadows offers in contrast a mellow ballade with the soprano sax in the lead. He is elated accompanied on the piano by Randy Waldman. Finally, the song picks up speed to gently say goodbye.

An undisputed highlight of the album is Lucky Chance featuring singer legend Al Jarreau and his inimitable scat singing style. Arno Haas (music) and Tom Saviano (lyrics) tailored the accurate song for Al. Chick Flick is according to Wikipedia a slang term for a film genre mainly dealing with love and romance and designed to appeal to a largely female target audience. In other words the tune is the ideal sound scenery for all the best in your life.

Mr Valerie is an emotional look back to the time in which the melodic music still had its place and the saxophone her heart. When Love Is Real offers the swinging waltz of a musical and features the divine voice of Evelyn Kallansee, lead singer of the Dutch group Tristan. Check Yourself opens another register of Arno Haas, the jazz funk. Wake Up Smile invites to an uplifting walk through sunny fields on Sunday morning.

An Everyday Thang rides a laid back tune in European smooth jazz style. The final Just Got To Do It conjures the overall happiness with a splendid Arno Haas changing between his various instruments.

With his sophomore album Back To You Arno Haas puts his weight on his own compositions. One notices his musical origins, that are shown to better advantage.

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