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Posted On:04.21.2016
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Songwriter/producer James Day has had a powerful impact on several artists and fans alike with his often incomparable knack for reaching James Day Songs CDthe soul with his music. Here, much like World/New Age artist Yanni did with his Voices release, various artists offer their dazzling vocals to Day’s new R&B-flavored album, Repertoire, co-produced by French smooth jazz guitarist/producer U-Nam.

Notable vocalists and musicians here on Repertoire include Maysa, Glenn Jones, Lin Rountree, U-Nam, Trina Broussard, and a host of others), and they all place their heart and soul into this project in which they surely and seriously believe.

Lalah Hathaway has said of Day, “James Day is one of the most beautiful visual writers I know. His lyrics fit me like a glove,” and The Huffington Post has weighed in on Day, saying “Day is a songwriter and producer in the vein of Quincy Jones circa his Q’s Jook Joint era, collaborating with a wide variety of stunning vocalists to create a sound that feels distinctly his own.” The consensus is clearly that Day is one of those one-of-a-kind musical visionaries whose weight and influence is determined by the mastery of his artful writing.

With tunes as stunningly moving as the wonderful “We Dance” featuring the illustrious songstress Maysa to the get-on-the-floor dance jam “RSVP” featuring vocalist Donnie, Day’s colors shine brightly through not only his compositions but also through the contributions of those he’s invited to add their powerful voices to this work.

Not in any way an exclusively contemporary jazz production, Day still gets that dance and “Quiet Storm” groove done – quite well. One of the few feel-good R&B efforts I have been actually drawn to review. A+ effort. – Ronald Jackson

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