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James Day

James Day has always been a student of life; an observer whose keen understanding of emotions, situations and relationships has translated into a career as an in-demand songwriter and producer. Having grown up in Rockport. Massachusetts, enmeshed with the great compositions of Quincy Jones, Burt Bacharach and Hal David, Curtis Mayfield and others, there seemed to be an inherent path to the stage for James, but just as his career started to take off, tragedy struck. While a student at New York’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts, James was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease, a debilitating disease that causes vertigo, tinnitus and ultimately the loss of hearing in one ear. Having to return home, where he underwent two surgeries and extensive treatment, Day was forced to make adjustments to his lifestyle and his dreams. The transition was painful in different ways; his love of music was haunting and the disappointment at the hand life had dealt was nearly too much to bear for a young James Day.

As time passed, he found a way to redirect his passion and began to hone his skills as a songwriter and producer, eventually entering various songwriting contests. Day has won numerous awards, including the Billboard Magazine & John Lennon International Song Contests, as well as the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame Award for Songwriting Excellence which was presented by his one of his idols Hal David.

Day’s career as a professional began with the 2005 EP “Remember When”, which set the stage for his full-length debut “Better Days” in 2007. Both releases showcased his knack for developing melodies from everyday situations and pairing those tunes with a collection of singers and musicians more than capable of maximizing his intent as a writer. He continued to ascend with 2009’s “Natural Things”, which featured collaborations with Audrey Wheeler, Mikelyn Roderick, Walter Beasley, Gavin Christopher, Ian Martin, Jeff Ramsey and more. 2013’s “Seasons and Reasons”, really showcased the influence of 1980’s R&B and funk, along with the return of Donnie on “R.S.V.P”. The album showed Day’s continued evolution as a music man, versed in various genres and apt at attracting the top talent to translate his material. It’s only natural that James Day would name an album “Repertoire”, because by definition, a stock of skills or types of behavior that a person habitually uses, his albums have been just that. The unique set of skills Day possesses have all been poured into his previous releases and his latest offering only ups the ante. The lineup this time around includes the aforementioned Wheeler, Beasley and Donnie, who are joined by the likes of Tony Terry, Maysa, Glenn Jones and U-Nam. Also featured on “Considered Delivered” is Gavin Christopher, who passed away suddenly after the album’s completion, is someone’s whose death (and life) had a profound impact of Day as he puts the finishing touches on “Repertoire”. Of Christopher, Day says, “Gavin was very excited about the new mix of “Considered Delivered”, he really loved that song, which I was so honored by because he wrote several of my favorite songs including “You Are Who You Love”, “Fool’s Paradise”, “Once You Get Started” and “Stars in Your Eyes” (w. Herbie Hancock).

The first single and title track of the album, “Repertoire”, features the Legendary R’n”B singer Tony Terry alongside Smooth Jazz Trumpet Star Lin Rountree. The song is a clever mix of the Quiet Storm and Smooth Jazz genres, and will be available for Smooth Jazz radio with an official “Going for Adds” date on 04/18/2016. Along with the Smooth Jazz radio campaign, there is a coinciding UAC/R’n’B radio campaign. The first single to hit UAC radio will be “Don’t Waste the Pretty” featuring Soul Legend Glenn Jones and Billboard Chart-Topping Jazz Artist U-Nam. Get ready to sing along. James Day is releasing an album that is destined to become a part of the classic “Repertoire”.